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Worked almost exclusively from iPad this week

I thought I'd make an effort to make the iPad work as my main computer this week. The writing was easy. Most of it is done on the web. Apple Wireless Keyboard made it effortless to write many and long pieces.

The harder things were those where I had to move files between websites and create web graphics using Pixelmator templates.

The file moving was solved using iCab Mobile for iPad web browser. It has its own download folder. I downloaded csv files from one website and uploaded them to Doubleclick for Publishers. It was easy once I figured out I could do it that way.

Graphic creation was a bit trickier at first. I ended up using iDraw for iPad. iDraw is a vector graphics editor. Instead of using the templates from Pixelmator for OS X for the Mac, I created new templates in iDraw. That had an added advantage. They are resizable without losing any sharpness.

During the week I used the Mac a few times too. Not becuse I needed to but because it was at hand. The battery life of iPad is incredible. It lasts about twice as long as the MacBook Pro = a whole 8 hour work day. That's when I do graphics editing. If I surf the web or watch movies it lasts a couple of hours longer. (Movie watching is not part of my work, by the way.)

Another thing I found out this week was that Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad can be used for making website mockups. Unfortunately I haven't found a better tool for that on the iPad. PS Touch isn't ideal but definitely better than nothing.

I write this on the iPad, but I will have to open the MacBook to post it since WoodooPad Static isn't part of the iPad app.

Published 21 apr 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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