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Getting rid of a wall of DVD's

For years my wife and I have bought DVD movies. We realized that if we bought them a year or so after they were released it cost about the same to buy them as if we had rented them for one night.

In our effort to live a little leaner we are getting rid of them. That will clear a wall in the stairs between our two floors. It's not space that we need, but it will make our home feel less cluttered. Most of the videos can be found elsewhere, like on Netflix and in iTunes so I don't really think we will miss them once they're gone.

It must have been six months, at least, since I last saw a film on DVD. I don't even have a DVD player since my daughter got my MacBook Pro.

At first it was a mental struggle to accept that the movies we spent a lot of money on buying isn't worth much now. My wife will sell them at a flea market. Hopefully someone else will enjoy them as much as we have. We are just keeping a handful of movies. Ones that might be hard to find legally online.

Next up is my CD collection.

Published 9 mar 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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