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Considering a move away from VoodooPad to something less complicated

I don't mean that VoodooPad is complicated. It's just that I don't think it's quite ready for blogging yet.

There are a number of things, perhaps due to my lack of knowledge, that I simply cannot get it to do, and others that are just awkward. Basic things like producing a blog archive index page or having different looks of front and individual blog post pages. It can't handle relative paths which means that I would have to change the templates if I wanted to move it somewhere else. And then there are things that to me look like bugs. Quite often when I publish the pages aren't published. I have to change the save path and then change it back for publishing to work again. And markdown behaves strangely. If I surround a phrase with double asterisks (**) to make it bold, the phrase often is substituted for non-readable letter combinations.

There are other things too. Some of them I have asked for help with on the VoodooPad web board. Unfortunately the developer seem to have too many things to juggle at the same time.

The web board is set up so that every post and reply has to be approved before they appear. It usually takes a day or two. This effectively slows down the discussions. It also means that I often feel that it is pointless to answer other peoples questions. Two or more people may answer the same question without knowing it when it takes so long until they are visible.

VoodooPad is a good tool and if the issues and some of the feature requests were taken care of it could be a really good static blogging platform. Unfortunately that seem to be quite far off into the future. I'm not sure I will have the patience to stick around that long. I might go for manual static blogging instead. Writing markdown, convert it to html, add a header and footer, making archive pages and a rss feed. Automating some parts with applescript or Hazel. It would be a bit of work but I'm not sure it would be more than what I do in VoodooPad now.

We'll see.

Published 15 feb 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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