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Why All Biased?

Niklas JohanssonI write a lot in many different places. I used to blog in Swedish but paused around 2004. Since then I have written four books on search engine optimization (SEO), speed reading, how to build and run social interest networks and HTML for beginners.

A lot of my time nowadays is spent help building social networks in Sweden. That means a lot of writing too.

This is my first attempt in a long time writing for myself and my own pleasure, so I will write about things I find interesting, fun or worth sharing with others. I am certain it will be a lot about using Mac, iPhone and iPad. They are my main work tools and help me make money. They also make it possible for me to work from practically anywhere I am.

Another reason for me writing here is to see how fast I can increase number of visitors and page views. When this is written I start from zero. Sweden is a small country with a population of only 9 million people. The social network we are building here has a little over 1 million unique visitors according to Google Analytics. Can writing in English build my blog audience faster than when I write in Swedish? It is an interesting experiment.

A third reason for starting All Biased is that I wanted to learn how to build responsive websites. I am just beginning but have learned a lot already. For those not knowing what a responsive website is, it is a website that adapts to the visitors screen size. It should work equally well on a laptop and on a smartphone.

When I blogged ten years ago I used Dave Winer's Radio Userland. It was a static blog platform which means that it produced the blog locally on my computer and was uploaded to a web server. No processing on the server made it fast. This time I am doing it with VoodooPad from Flying Meat. Hopefully that means you will find it quite fast compared to if it was dynamic.

Why All Biased?

Well, I don't want anyone mistaking my texts for balanced and unbiased. :-) What you will find here is what I think and want to write about. That's the background of the name.

Published 1 jan 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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