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Suggestions for improving VoodooPad as a static blogging tool

VoodooPad is my static blog tool. The static feature was released last fall. It is quite promising as an alternative to the more hacker oriented static blog platforms I read about while making my choice.

It does, however, have some rough edges that makes it less than perfect as a long term blog tool. In hope of seeing improvements I have sent Flying Meat, the company behind VoodooPad, a list of improvements that I think would make it quite a lot better as a blogging tool. This is my list:

  • Separate VPWebExportPageTemplate documents for index page and archive post pages. It would make it possible to make them completely different with different features.
  • Sort function for Pages Drawer:
    • Sort by page type
    • Sort alfabetically
    • By modification date (most recent on top)
    • Creation date (most recent on top) It is very hard to find the right pages even with only a few of them.
VoodooPad page sorting suggestion
VoodooPad page sorting suggestion
  • Possibility to publish archive index pages by tag. This would make it possible to mimic a category function that most other blog tools have. All posts about iPhone could be viewed on one archive index page, all about Mac on another, and so on.
  • Wiki fetaures in Static:
    • WikiLinks
    • Aliases
  • Snippet feature: Text you write often should be easily available in a palette.
  • Pages Drawer as a separate window that can be placed anywhere, even on another screens. If that can't be done I would like to get rid of the shadow from the main window on the drawer. It makes it harder to read.
  • Font size option for Pages Drawer.
  • Get rid of status bar on all windows. It doesn't seem to be in use.
  • Alternating colors in all listings to make them easier to read.

The first three are the ones that would make the biggest difference.

Published 6 jan 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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