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Some interesting recent Apple headlines

The Obvious But Hidden Secrets Behind Apple’s Record Numbers And Stock Price Crash

What horrible sin has Apple committed? It has little to do with numbers and everything to do with expectations. Apple just reported record revenue, record profits, record iPhone sales, record iPad sales, and record weekly revenue that was almost 30-percent higher than last year.

Apple sold 10 iOS devices per second last quarter

47.8 million iPhones and 22.9 million iPads landed in the hands of happy consumers last quarter, which is a rate of 6 iPhones and 3 iPads per second. The remaining sales were made up by the diehard iPod Touch.

Apple sees 2 billion iMessages sent daily from half a billion iOS devices

Also announced on Wednesday was a huge increase in the number of iCloud users, which saw a jump from 190 million in October to 250 million as of December.

Apple reports the largest corporate earnings in the history of the earth, stock down 10%

Apple today posted its earnings for the final quarter of 2012, which was ‘disappointingly’ the largest corporate earnings year in human history by a tidy margin.

Tim Cook to Apple investors: Keep calm and stop listening to rumors

The iPhone 5 with its 4-inch display “has a larger screen size without sacrificing one-handed ease of use,” said Cook. “We put a lot of thinking into screen sizes and we believe we’ve picked the right one.”

Tim Cook: We’ve Sold a Half Billion iOS Devices

Overall, Apple sold some 75 million iOS devices during the quarter which no doubt helped boost the company up to US$54 billion in sales.

Tim Cook: Apple's product pipeline is 'chock full' of 'incredible stuff'

"The most important thing to Apple is to make the best products in the world that enrich customers' lives," Cook said. He said that Apple is "not interested in revenue for revenue's sake."

Published 24 jan 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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