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I miss My Web Browser for iPhone

When I use the iPhone for web browsing it is almost exclusively to quickly find some information while on the go. The price of a product, an address or a phone number, technical information or the definition of a word. Open, search, read, close. Lots of times every day.

I haven't found a web browser that fits my needs very well. Most are soaked in features. The basic functionality cannot be easily reached where my thumb is. I prefer to hold the phone with one hand and use the thumb to navigate. Typically navigation is at the top or bottom. Not where my thumb is.

A while ago I made a video mockup of my ideal iPhone browser. This is it:

It's always fullscreen, has no status bar, and there's only one visible navigation button. It can be moved and placed anywhere on the screen so it stays out of the way but is still easy to reach. A tap reveals the control panel. The search/address bar is in the middle of the screen. Always within reach. A minimum of features:

  • Back
  • Forward
  • Top (of page)
  • Bottom (of page)
  • Refresh
  • Bookmarks
  • Help
  • Activities (send to Instapaper, email and so on)
  • Two tabs (that you can toggle between)

I can't remember what's on each of them when there are more than two tabs, but two tabs are needed to move information between web pages sometimes.

When I find the right iPhone developer to work with I want to build this.

What do you think? Can it be more simplified without loosing features or usability?

Published 22 jan 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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