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Flipboard & instapaper is the base of my reading workflow

To keep informed about all things Apple, Mac, iPhone and iPad related, I follow hundreds of blogs and other news sources every day. I don't want to spend more time than necessary reading so I have set up a workflow to make the process as streamlined as possible.

All of my news sources are maintained in Google Reader. They are categorized based on subject. I use Flipboard for iPhone and iPad to browse all headlines. I like Flipboard for iPhone particularly much because I can read only using gestures to navigate between and into articles and feeds. When a headline looks interesting I open the article to read more. Then I decide if there is an action for me in it. An action can be to try an app or new setting, write something related to it, share it with others or just read it for my own pleasure. If there is an action to be done I send it to Instapaper.

After having browsed all news in Flipboard I go to Instapaper, either on my Mac or on iPad. In Instapaper I read them carefully and decide what to do with them. Instapaper strips away all ads and formatting and present the text in an easy to read format. When I'm done the articles are archived in Instapaper. That way I can come back later if I want to. I have a paid subscription to Instapaper to get the full text search feature. I consider it a must to be able to find what I look for among thousands of texts.

Sometimes I find interesting things in other places than my Google Reader news sources. For instance when I browse the web or read email. Then I send it to Instapaper so I can handle it within my normal workflow. There is an Instapaper bookmarklet as well as a special email address to send web pages directly to Instapaper.

Published 31 jan 2013 by Niklas Johansson
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