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These are ten of my most used iPhone apps

Most of the things I do with my iPhone is work related. (Calling is one of the least used features.) There are a bunch of apps that help me save time and money.


Google Reader is where all my news go. I use Flipboard on the phone to read them. So far I have probably used at least 30 different news readers. What I like most about Flipboard is the gestures. Swipe up to browse the articles. Tap on an article that seems interesting to open it. Swipe right to close it again. I browse and read hundreds of articles every day. Flipboard helps make it possible.

Other useful features are the possibility to follow Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and lots of other social networks.

Launch Center Pro

This is an app launcher for the iPhone. You can make shortcuts to call, email or text a friend in one tap. You can Google something, open apps and more. It saves time not having to switch between home screens to look for and open apps.


When I read news and find things I want to save they go into Instapaper. It has a reading interface that strips out everything but the important text and images. No ads, no navigation, just easy to read formatting. It works on the iPad and web as well and you can sync texts between them automatically. When you have started reading an article the app remembers where you left if you close it. If you pay a small quarterly fee you get full text search and the developers eternal gratitude too.

There are interfaces from a lot of apps to Instapaper. That makes it easy to send an article from Flipboard or the web to Instapaper.


I haven't found a better email client for the iPhone. I use it with Gmail. The interface is uncluttered and easy to use with many gestures. Google bought the company behind the app last summer so no major development is expected. It works very well as it is though.


Paper is a nuisance and I try to get rid of them when I can. Most of it I scan using TurboScan. It is like a small photo copier in my phone. Every month I scan my receipts, invoices and stuff and send it to the lady who help me with bookkeeping. The app makes them into a pdf. It also has Dropbox support so I can easily store everything there and access it from my Mac or iPad. My desktop scanner hasn't been used at all the last couple of years.


There aren't many good iPhone apps for keeping track of Google AdSense. This is one of few exceptions. As it happens I got a chance to influence the developers when they designed the interface.


Many years on the internet mean hundreds of user names and passwords to remember. I don't. 1Password does. All I have to remember is the password that opens 1Password. It also stores credit card information, account numbers, PIN's and software license numbers. 1Password keeps it encrypted and safe. The app works on both iPad and iPhone and there is an OS X companion as well. They sync through Dropbox so every update is instantly available everywhere.


Sometimes there are things that cannot be done on the iPhone or iPad, but on one of my Macs. Then I use iTeleport to connect and work almost as if I had the computer in front of me. It works over wireless network as well as over the internet.


Many calendar apps have too many functions that I don't use and miss some I do. Fantastical is the best choice for me. It understands English too, so if I write "Dinner with Tom tomorrow 18" it puts "Dinner with Tom" at 18.00 tomorrow. It can also handle recurring events and locations. That saves time.

645 PRO

As a photographer with a two year old son I take lots of photos to send to my mother in law. 645 PRO is the closest thing to a DSLR I have found yet. It gives me a lot of control over settings before taking the photos. It is really good.

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Do you have good alternatives to the ones I use? Let me know.

Published 30 dec 2012 by Niklas Johansson
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